How do I get my TQ test?

  • Please stop by the official Gold Coast Educational Retreat Registration Desk to pickup your packet with scantrons.

  • Exams will be emailed directly from Nova Southeastern University. Should you wish to also receive a hard copy of the test, please make this known to the registration desk team during the conference. 

  • If you have not received your tests by February 1st, email us at 

    You can only get credit for tests if you attended the class and the attendance records will be cross referenced with the test scores before they are posted to CE Broker.

  • The Gold Coast Committee and the BCOA do not control the cost of the TQ exam grading. The payment structure is $30 per TQ exam (i.e. up to $210 for tests requested from this conference.)

  • Please mail the check (made payable to NSU) with the grading sheet(s). There will also be an online payment option; please check your packet for details relating to online payments.  

  • For a failed exam, one re-take is permitted with no further fee.

  • Grading will take place once weekly until the end of the biennium and NSU will update CE Broker with the TQ.

  • Doctors will receive a letter in the mail approximately 5-7 days after the weekly grading.

What do I need to take before the end of the biennium?

  • You will need to complete the following:

    • 6 hours of TQ in which you have passed the test. We are offering 12 TQ hours this year, so you can pick which tests you wish to take or take extra exams in case you fail one. If you fail a test, your will still earn the general hours for the course, just not TQ credit.

    • 2 hours of Medical Errors

    • 2 hours of Florid Jurisprudence

    • 20 hours of general education, which may only include 2 hours of practice management

Can I take jurisprudence, medical errors and AIDS more than once in the same biennium for credit?

  • You may only take jurisprudence once for credit in the same biennium. For other courses, you may re-take them for general credit if they have different instructors and different Florida tracker numbers.

What documentation do I need for licensure in a state other than Florida?

  • Every state has different requirements. Many will accept the CE receipts passed out at the end of the lecture, as the courses are COPE approved. If your state board requires a letter from us, notify the registration desk and we will provide a form for your state board.

Do I have to pay for parking?

  • As an attendee of the Gold Coast Educational Retreat, you are entitled to complimentary parking at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. Please be sure to stop by the GCER registration desk to receive a sticker for your parking pass.

How can I provide feedback on my Gold Coast experience?

  • We value your comments and will be emailing a survey following the conference. If you have an immediate concern, please let someone at the registration desk know so they can help you.